drop ended- 152 NFT's MINTED- 348 NFT's BEING BURNED



0% 1 NFT GIVEAWAY on our Twitter - Goal reached, giveaway done
25% 5x 10ERG AIRDROP (50 erg total)- goal reached, 50 erg has been given away to community members
drop ended and 25% goal reached, thank you for all who participated.
50% ARTWORK CONTEST IN PAINT APP - Everyone can participate. There will be a room on our discord where you can send us your artwork drawn in classic paint. We will give 25 ERG to the best one and 25ERG to the funniest one.
75% 5x 10ERG AIRDROP (50 erg total)We will send 5x 10erg to random nft holders of this collection
100% 250ERG DONATION to the community developers.ERGO NEEDS TO GROW! We want to give back to the ergo platform and help with the development of the ergo blockchain. we will donate 250 erg to community developers on the ergo platform


What are THE Spooky Founders?The Spooky Founders are 500 unique, randomly generated halloween-themed NFT’s as part of our Halloween collection drop.
How do I know my Spooky Founder is real?Legitimate Spooky Founder NFTs will only be displayed on this ERGO AUCTIONS page: CLICKALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK ARTIST ADDRESS BEFORE PLACING ANY BIDS
Where is GEN 2 ?????We are patiently awaiting the v2 AH update to be rolled out before minting GEN 2 NFTs, rest assured! They are just waiting to be picked up by caring owners!
How do I mint my Spooky Founder?Instruction to mint your founder can be found by clicking the MINT button above. After sending transaction please join our discord to stay informed about delivery times!
Why did you release this drop?the cybercitizens team wanted to create a special halloween treat for our community. These limited edition NFTs are our first cartoon variant of nft, and we hope to generate more once the v2 auction house is rolled out.
what inspired this drop?This drop was inspired by the founders of ergo
How do I know my Spooky Founder is unique?500 Spooky Founder’s were randomly generated using a defined rarity system implemented by our developers. A full rarity list will be released shortly after the drop detailing rarities of all attributes. More common rarities will be leaked prior to the drop and can be found below:  

our team


Mr. Pixel